I'm here to help you make an impactful impression that starts when your guests open the envelope containing your beautiful invitation. 


Want to know a little bit more about me?
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i'm lynne.

Hey friend!

from my hunky husband!  This DEFINITELY gets #1!  The rest are in no particular order.



Those soft hoots I hear in the middle of the night or early morning are a soothing, melodic sound that relaxes me.

Hearing owls hoot


I go NOWHERE without my
Kindle, and would rather read than watch TV! 

a good book


Yup, I love Mother Nature and during the summer, grow most of the herbs and veggies we eat!



I absolutely LOVE a good handbag, preferably one with a keyholder and little brass feet on the bottom !



Hubby and I have a large backyard, so we'll set up the projector, pop in a movie and enjoy the great outdoors. 

movie night


Right now, my all time favorites are nectarine jam with vanilla in the summer and wine spiced pear jam during winter.

making jam


Nothing beats time spent with loved ones and it's REALLY special now!

family and friends


If there's a beach, I want to go, but I also enjoy seeing the cultural side of every country we visit. 



I start and end the list with kisses.  This time they're from my little puppy, who will always be my baby!

Puppy kisses


things I'm crazy about

My Top Ten

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me to look through them. There was no discussion about my likes or dislikes, so no recommendations were made. I was not asked about my budget.  There was no conversation about the feeling I 

I don't want you to have the same type of in-store, impersonal experience that I did!

In the early 80's, I had a HUGE formal wedding, complete with a string quartet and over 250 invited guests. In many ways, it was truly an event to remember.  Unfortunately, shopping for invitations to this grand event was NOT!  I was one of several people in the store stationery shopping.  I sat at a desk and the salesperson placed a large number of invitation books in front of me and told

Don't Worry,
I've Got You!

I DON'T want you to have that experience.  Choosing your stationery should be as joyful as choosing a wedding gown. With me, you'll have scheduled 1 on 1 time in my private office where I'll take a collaborative and consultative approach to help you find your stationery dreams!

It was obvious that I was just another transaction. There was no attempt made to build any type of trust and rapport with me, they just wanted my money.

It was so mundane!...

wanted my guests to have when they opened the envelope. I was NOT prepared for such an impersonal experience!

My Story

Visit the Sphinx and the Great Pyramids of Giza. 

Visit the spice markets of Marrakech, Morocco. 

Learn to bake bread to enjoy with my homemade jam!

See the International Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque, New Mexico 

Take archery lessons.
YES, and I LOVE it!

Get published in my favorite wedding magazine.

On My Bucket List...

My Timeline

where I've been


Rebranded Party Favors Ink into Sharpe Stationery and Printing.  


Celebrated 25 years of marital bliss with my loving husband!


Checked an item of my bucket list when we took a dive trip to
 Egypt for 2 weeks.


CAREER GOALS SHIFT. I retired from my job as a trainer/facilitator  in corporate America.


Transitioned into designing note cards and gift tags while working full time.


Started  a successful gift basket business and fell in love with ribbon (of all things)!


The economic down turn meant that I returned to corporate America.


Learned the art of soap making and started my first full time small business.


Added shopping capabilites
to the website & partnered with
the Ijorere brand.