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Welcome to my blog where we'll explore all things stationery and celebratory related.  You'll also have access to bits and pieces of my personal life. I really think it's important that you know that I'm a real live person with all kinds of different life interests.  Join me on my journey! 

I'm Lynne.



Styled shoots

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It’s been a little while, but I want to continue my series on wedding invitation etiquette. This time I’m focusing on the numbers…AKA, the date and time. Back in the day, Emily Post, the queen of proper etiquette, would shudder in horror at the thought of having numbers on any type of invitation. Fortunately, times […]

Wedding Invitation Etiquette – Part 2


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Styled Shoots

In case you missed it, we’ve been published AGAIN, this time in Brides and Weddings Magazine! Before I give you the link to see the post, let me give you a little background information. In addition to doing stationery work for clients, most stationers I know participate in styled shoots. These styled shoots are a […]

ICYMI – We Were Published, AGAIN!

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I’m often asked about wedding invitation etiquette. By now I’m sure you’ve discovered that looking online at a popular wedding website is little to no help, or it doesn’t answer your question about your specific circumstances. That’s when you need the expertise of an experienced stationer, not someone who just decided to do this to […]

Wedding Invitation Etiquette


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Welcome to my new website and very first blog post. WOW, this has been a real journey, not only for me but for everyone! Because of the pandemic, life as we knew it, has changed so much! We all developed new ways to work and send our children to school! It has been a MAJOR […]

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